IM 2001 Exhibition Brochure

To learn about the most important Open Source packages for network management, the conference includes an Open Source corner at which leading implementors demonstrate the latest versions of their software packages. You can have face to face discussion with these implementors, and check whether the functionality provided by their packages will help you to solve your management problems. Among the packages that will be demonstrated are:

  • Jasmin, an implementation of the IETF's Script MIB, supporting JAVA scripts,
  • LibSMI, a library that allows management applications to access SMI MIB module definitions,
  • Netramet, an implementation of the IETF's Meter MIB, which can be used for accounting purposes,
  • Net-SNMP, an implementation of the SNMP (v1, v2 and v3) protocol stack, based on extensible agent technology,
  • Ntop, a tool that shows the network usage, similar to the popular Unix "top" command.

Take your place alongside the pathfinders in Integrated Network Management. IM 2001 will be your best opportunity to meet the world's top network operation managers, developers and innovators. From more than twenty countries around the globe, they'll assemble in Seattle the third week of May. During five exciting, informative and interactive days they'll share insights on network management at scores of in-depth cutting edge presentations.

The 2001 meeting in Seattle offers a world-class program with high-quality technical sessions, timely tutorials and renowned keynote speakers. This program addresses the increasing interest in overall management solutions across all types of networks, enterprise communication systems, distributed computing systems and applications. The technical papers reflect an excellent mix of topics, organizations and international contributions. And they'll look closely at the rapidly emerging technologies that you will soon employ to meet tomorrow's network operations management requirements.